We have to find balance in our lives or else we will feel unbalanced. It is a physical and metaphysical sense of being that we need to ensure our health and well being. I have struggled with this for a long time, and it is when I stop meditating too many days in a row that I begin to lose sense of myself. So I have to go back to ground zero again. Ground Zero is back to meditation and even if it is 20 minutes a day. I always feel though when I lose one day, I must reset so that I do not go to many days without finding myself again.

Balance is also not just meditating and centering myself, it is finding time for other things in my life. I find myself at the park just observing other people, sometimes I interact with them, which makes the experience at the park a random moment I enjoy. Or if I go to to the market, or get out and talk to other people in other professions running errands, I enjoy the interactions. I read to educate myself about the current events or even to know about someone or something. I talk to my loved ones. I find time to engage with a few from my life through social media or texting, perhaps a phone call.

Being creative and engaging in life is what makes us all interesting.  We are such great creations that have not tapped into our full potential of who we are. Yet, there is so much more to this grandeur of life that we are all entertained one way or another. We are a social group of humans that need each other. We don’t need each other to survive, but we do need each other to feel alive. We are energies as we interact with each other. We all must find a balance in this world. We all must come together as one…we balance each other. Until next time…