Happy Freedom Day

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” George Santayana

We are the future. As much as people bring up the past about this holiday we have to realise we are not in the past or else it would still be like…yes, we have history to show us and remind us of everything. The Indians, the Blacks , the Chinese etc…it was the past. People and times were different.
Through out historical wars many lives were lost. We have what we have today because of those that stood in the gaps. Can you imagine if life was still like that? Nope! The way society is now people bitch and complain and whine about everything that I believe they wouldn’t have made it. Honestly! Because they have nothing to fight for….that’s the Freedom we celebrate today.
So before I see the memes, or words or videos of others thoughts about our country we live in today of FREEDOM…I want to say we are truly a blessed nation.
I hope the future for our children and their children etc
Will know Freedom today….& not hold onto the past. Or else, we as a people can never move forward as One Nation. We are a strong nation if only those barriers could be knocked down. All nationalities in the USA have freedom today!!!!
Happy Freedom Day EVERYONE!!!!