The Web of Life

Everything will be all right if you let it go.repeat repeat repeat repeat
It is when we try to hold on that we hurt ourselves more.
That is the lesson. As much as it hurts to say this and to hear it..but through music I am
easily soothed as I heard the words repeat over and over. It is like as if my heart knew.
My heart knew. My mind knew. My spirit knew….you can not hold on to tight.
We lose sight. We lose sight of who we are…sometimes change is needed to see the bigger
picture, then you have to grab sight again and see it now after all is said and done…
the loss of one is to gain another. We do not know the outcome of anything we do. We can
only live through the experience and see where it takes us. When we try to change things for
the better sometimes the better is not seen until after the change. We must not hold on to what was.
We must embrace what is. All things good will come to those that wait on the Lord, this is his promise.
We live by Faith, through love that found us broken. I was broken…and he rescued my heart.
Oh how my heart ached of such sorrow. I was falling….the bad voices were calling me…telling me I wasn’t worthy.
Telling me it was my time to let it all go and go back into the abyss where I’ll remain with darkness.
Would they care? For how long would they care and move on? All life moves on…
I was drowning in my own sorrow…am I crazy???
I woke up….once again from the depth of my soul that was wanting to die. I thought I was ready to go….
Death was waiting for me. Death was holding my heart….