Could you be loved



Bob Marley’s famous words are repeated in his song  “Could You Be Loved?”

A generation that still thrives of listening to his music and listening to his words speak to our hearts and spirits.  Just like the Bible and many other teachings, his spirit and words shall live on for generations to come…Although, I believe that there is more to than just listening to the music and that is being what he so teaches and preaches through music. LOVE! Can we be loved? Can we love others? Can we stop the hate?

With all the teachings in this world how many teach love? We know Christianity is supposed to but how many Christians do we know that do not have the inwardly love that is taught? I can raise my hand without hesitation of many so-called Christians. Our world is in need of such love that humans have the ability to teach, give and receive, but why is it that we lack so much compassion? When and who will be the one’s that make this great change for the future?

Right now, I believe there are many of us that have broke past the old ways of teachings, and have been awakened and enlightened. We are here right now, we have the hearts to change what is now for the future generations. I desire to see such things happen that we can love one another and live in peace. We can accept each other for each one’s differences and help live life with that ONELOVE that desires to live in our hearts.


Until next time, STAY GOLD!


Could You Be Loved