Stay In Your Magic


Fresh off the mind of my mind grapes, it is Sunday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend, as I sit here typing away this ends for me.  Don’t take that literally. What I am saying is Monday business begins. It is amazing how our minds are. Seriously though, I was here all weekend, well partially at the office Saturday. I was here though with my computer open, thinking and planning my strategy for the week. I am planning for my future, by the way, I still have time to enjoy life if I get a crack on it. ( my kids tell me to hurry I am getting old)

So, in the past when I had no plan I dreamed. Slowly, my dreaming led me to following that dream. When you follow your dream, you have to give up things. I don’t make the rules. I just flow with it. They are called sacrifices. Time is precious and it is what we make of it. Time is essence, masterfully laid out when you lay out your dream, your plan, your purpose becomes real and the doors begin to open.

We all have something special to offer. I believe what connects us, is this. This right here, typing to you. The reader. I am just a voice that listens to my inner-voice. We are the creators of this world. One day the world will wake up and change. In the meantime, we are the one’s that can make a difference…..until next time.


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