It begins with you


“The Power Within”

I woke up today with a new mindset. It happens. This began about 2001 when I first realized that I was ‘awake’. Let me explain. There is a difference in knowing that you ‘exist to live’ and you ‘live to exist’.

We are asleep. Our conscious self is really unconscious. I know, I know…. what am I babbling about right? Well, I once thought the same thing. I never really thought that I was just existing. I went through the day in and out of life, going to work, being a mom, being a wife really just ‘existing’. Until I saw(with the third eye) it is a term to see with the 3rd eye of the spiritual nature that there was a sense of something else in life I woke up to.

It began with meditation. When the word meditation is said people get so easily turned off. It is a balance in our life that our minds need to reset. It is not sleeping while awake, and yes we sleep at night. It is relaxing and freeing our minds while we are awake to go to a deep place within us to wake up to a higher sense of ourselves.

When you learn to tune out life for a little bit and hear nothingness because you are relaxed in whatever it is that relaxes you; life happens. You see things or are aware of things that you never knew were there but you were not conscious to before. The flowers seem brighter, your sense of smell seems keener, the wind blows on your face and ‘you’ know it is magical.

I want to keep your attention so I will end on this note, if you have any questions email me or leave a message. I hope I inspired you to begin your spiritual nature to yourself, if you are not there already. If you are than Namaste

The journey within is the way to learn you live to exist, and not exist to live without meaning.

Until next time, STAY GOLD!



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