Go Ahead, I’ll Wait…. March 05, 2018

Here I am pen in hand as it glides smoothly on the notepad of lines, in this episode of life. Listening, I am, to some CaliReggae radio on Pandora, on my iPhone 7 mobile device that I enjoy taking around with me when I wanna listen music in my life.

Out the window is the lit up Denny’s restaurant sign right next to the Super 8 motel I am staying at the moment with His work crew. Luckily, his room mate is a friend of ours that doesn’t mind my stay. Kinda like family, all three of us snoring heavily with shout outs of obscenities during the night’s rest. But, to among William and observe the camaraderie or bromanship is an experience I enjoy inter-acting.

I observe life around me and beyond at times. I have a gift to gab,but I also have a gift to write for entertainment that is words. Words are the key, I can find a common ground of verbiage to communicate to. Although when given the chance to write or speak in a higher form of creativity and wisdom that is recognized, it’s like LIFE…..and ART!

Life is Art
Art is Life
Life is Being
Being is Existing,
Existing is…..
your reality.

So, I am BREATHING, and taking it in…
This Moment.
Go Ahead—-BREATHE(I’ll Wait)