Don’t Wait

The only way to figure things out is by doing it ourselves. ┬áIt is nice to have a mentor to open up to because they will tell you the truth. Great people didn’t get where they are at because of mediocrity. We are born to do something great. Find your greatness.

Don’t wait to learn. There are many tools out there that can get you to the next level, learn to utilize your skills and advance. That is the key to success I am striving for.

I woke up today refreshed. I grabbed my stuff and headed to the outside patio. I was listening to nature’s calls when a noise on the other side of the fence started shoveling. I said ‘Hello’…

The ‘shovel guy’ gave me some Valencia oranges and seedless tangerines and told me some great stories, I laughed at all of them. You never know who you will meet by a simple ‘hello’…

Every encounter is always a lasting impression, make it count. I have many memories with all that I have met along this journey of life. Don’t wait to live life meaningfully. Make connections that will be a lifetime.

Until next time, stay GOLD!


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