Action must happen to see results


In order to make things happen there must be action. I say this all the time, when I am speaking to people in general who tell me about why things aren’t happening in their lives. First thing I ask after I listen is ‘what are you doing about it?’

People will look at me puzzled because they think that ┬áI am being a smart-ass. I explain to them the theory of cause-n-effect, if they don’t know it already. Basically the act without doing will get you nowhere. So, if you want something to happen in your life you must take action. Nike got it by their simple slogan ‘JUST DO IT’.

Everything is a process and patience is pertinent. So, if you want a new job, get out there and fill out applications. If you dream of becoming somebody, start a plan and works towards it. The best reward is achieving something knowing that you put forth an effort and received results.

I am no miracle worker. I am a firm believer that you must believe in yourself to achieve the goals you set out for you. Life is what make you it. So, set those goals and go after them. Until next time…



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