We have to find balance in our lives or else we will feel unbalanced. It is a physical and metaphysical sense of being that we need to ensure our health and well being. I have struggled with this for a long time, and it is when I stop meditating too many days in a row that I begin to lose sense of myself. So I have to go back to ground zero again. Ground Zero is back to meditation and even if it is 20 minutes a day. I always feel though when I lose one day, I must reset so that I do not go to many days without finding myself again.

Balance is also not just meditating and centering myself, it is finding time for other things in my life. I find myself at the park just observing other people, sometimes I interact with them, which makes the experience at the park a random moment I enjoy. Or if I go to to the market, or get out and talk to other people in other professions running errands, I enjoy the interactions. I read to educate myself about the current events or even to know about someone or something. I talk to my loved ones. I find time to engage with a few from my life through social media or texting, perhaps a phone call.

Being creative and engaging in life is what makes us all interesting.  We are such great creations that have not tapped into our full potential of who we are. Yet, there is so much more to this grandeur of life that we are all entertained one way or another. We are a social group of humans that need each other. We don’t need each other to survive, but we do need each other to feel alive. We are energies as we interact with each other. We all must find a balance in this world. We all must come together as one…we balance each other. Until next time…



Happy Freedom Day

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” George Santayana

We are the future. As much as people bring up the past about this holiday we have to realise we are not in the past or else it would still be like…yes, we have history to show us and remind us of everything. The Indians, the Blacks , the Chinese etc…it was the past. People and times were different.
Through out historical wars many lives were lost. We have what we have today because of those that stood in the gaps. Can you imagine if life was still like that? Nope! The way society is now people bitch and complain and whine about everything that I believe they wouldn’t have made it. Honestly! Because they have nothing to fight for….that’s the Freedom we celebrate today.
So before I see the memes, or words or videos of others thoughts about our country we live in today of FREEDOM…I want to say we are truly a blessed nation.
I hope the future for our children and their children etc
Will know Freedom today….& not hold onto the past. Or else, we as a people can never move forward as One Nation. We are a strong nation if only those barriers could be knocked down. All nationalities in the USA have freedom today!!!!
Happy Freedom Day EVERYONE!!!!

Could you be loved



Bob Marley’s famous words are repeated in his song  “Could You Be Loved?”

A generation that still thrives of listening to his music and listening to his words speak to our hearts and spirits.  Just like the Bible and many other teachings, his spirit and words shall live on for generations to come…Although, I believe that there is more to than just listening to the music and that is being what he so teaches and preaches through music. LOVE! Can we be loved? Can we love others? Can we stop the hate?

With all the teachings in this world how many teach love? We know Christianity is supposed to but how many Christians do we know that do not have the inwardly love that is taught? I can raise my hand without hesitation of many so-called Christians. Our world is in need of such love that humans have the ability to teach, give and receive, but why is it that we lack so much compassion? When and who will be the one’s that make this great change for the future?

Right now, I believe there are many of us that have broke past the old ways of teachings, and have been awakened and enlightened. We are here right now, we have the hearts to change what is now for the future generations. I desire to see such things happen that we can love one another and live in peace. We can accept each other for each one’s differences and help live life with that ONELOVE that desires to live in our hearts.


Until next time, STAY GOLD!


Could You Be Loved

The Web of Life

Everything will be all right if you let it go.repeat repeat repeat repeat
It is when we try to hold on that we hurt ourselves more.
That is the lesson. As much as it hurts to say this and to hear it..but through music I am
easily soothed as I heard the words repeat over and over. It is like as if my heart knew.
My heart knew. My mind knew. My spirit knew….you can not hold on to tight.
We lose sight. We lose sight of who we are…sometimes change is needed to see the bigger
picture, then you have to grab sight again and see it now after all is said and done…
the loss of one is to gain another. We do not know the outcome of anything we do. We can
only live through the experience and see where it takes us. When we try to change things for
the better sometimes the better is not seen until after the change. We must not hold on to what was.
We must embrace what is. All things good will come to those that wait on the Lord, this is his promise.
We live by Faith, through love that found us broken. I was broken…and he rescued my heart.
Oh how my heart ached of such sorrow. I was falling….the bad voices were calling me…telling me I wasn’t worthy.
Telling me it was my time to let it all go and go back into the abyss where I’ll remain with darkness.
Would they care? For how long would they care and move on? All life moves on…
I was drowning in my own sorrow…am I crazy???
I woke up….once again from the depth of my soul that was wanting to die. I thought I was ready to go….
Death was waiting for me. Death was holding my heart….

Stay In Your Magic


Fresh off the mind of my mind grapes, it is Sunday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend, as I sit here typing away this ends for me.  Don’t take that literally. What I am saying is Monday business begins. It is amazing how our minds are. Seriously though, I was here all weekend, well partially at the office Saturday. I was here though with my computer open, thinking and planning my strategy for the week. I am planning for my future, by the way, I still have time to enjoy life if I get a crack on it. ( my kids tell me to hurry I am getting old)

So, in the past when I had no plan I dreamed. Slowly, my dreaming led me to following that dream. When you follow your dream, you have to give up things. I don’t make the rules. I just flow with it. They are called sacrifices. Time is precious and it is what we make of it. Time is essence, masterfully laid out when you lay out your dream, your plan, your purpose becomes real and the doors begin to open.

We all have something special to offer. I believe what connects us, is this. This right here, typing to you. The reader. I am just a voice that listens to my inner-voice. We are the creators of this world. One day the world will wake up and change. In the meantime, we are the one’s that can make a difference…..until next time.


Action must happen to see results


In order to make things happen there must be action. I say this all the time, when I am speaking to people in general who tell me about why things aren’t happening in their lives. First thing I ask after I listen is ‘what are you doing about it?’

People will look at me puzzled because they think that  I am being a smart-ass. I explain to them the theory of cause-n-effect, if they don’t know it already. Basically the act without doing will get you nowhere. So, if you want something to happen in your life you must take action. Nike got it by their simple slogan ‘JUST DO IT’.

Everything is a process and patience is pertinent. So, if you want a new job, get out there and fill out applications. If you dream of becoming somebody, start a plan and works towards it. The best reward is achieving something knowing that you put forth an effort and received results.

I am no miracle worker. I am a firm believer that you must believe in yourself to achieve the goals you set out for you. Life is what make you it. So, set those goals and go after them. Until next time…



It is only the beginning

‘Everything takes time don’t expect to finish at the moment that you started.’

I read this somewhere when I was getting discouraged in that point of my life. I can only speak for myself because that’s what I do. I have felt like in those darkest moments when I needed confirmation there was always something that shed it’s light on me. I will keep this post short because I want you to browse through my website since you are here. If there’s anything about me that you feel it is because this is real. I am real. I want you to feel that I can relate to you in some way. When you leave my website for the day, share it with others. It is through connecting that we are able to have this experience right now, a user experience with me, MaryJane’s Freedom experience….until next time.